Sustainability is an important topic for us and therefor we give 10 sek, for every Simplfill sold, to 5Gyres ( an organization fighting against plasic in the oceans.

Simplfill and sustainability

Simplfill is made entirely of plastic, and no, we are not proud about increasing the amount of plastics used on our planet! As a completely new business with a completely new product, we didn’t have time and resources to find alternative solutions, so we did the best we could at that time: Simplfill is made out of only one type of plastic, PP (polypropylene), to increase the recyclability of it. Simplfill is also not a throw-away article and we work continuously to make sure it lasts for a long time.

We currently have Simplfill produced in China (guaranteed child-labour free) to keep the production cost down considerably (everyone who tried producing a Simplfill at home will know how much time it takes to sew), but for the FUTURE generation of Simplfill we plan to research more sustainable materials and production locations.

For NOW: as said, we want to give something back to the planet! Therefore, for every Simplfill sold, directly to you as a consumer, or via a shop, we’ll donate 10 sek to one fo the many organizations working to decrease the plastic polution in our oceans.

Why the oceans: watch “A Plastic Ocean” (on Netflix), combine that with our company name ORKA Horse (Orka = orca = killer whale = späckhuggare). Just some facts from the movie: 80 % of the plastic in the oceans sinks to the bottom of the ocean, so will be very hard to reach and is out of sight for most of us. It doesn’t disappear, but will break down in micro-plastics. At some spots, the ratio plankton to micro-plastics is 2 to 1: for every 2 plankton creatures, there is already 1 micro-plastic bit floating around. Whales live on this stuff! The plankton, I mean; the plastics kill them!