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Once submitted, you’ll receive our payment options (on screen as well as in an automated mail message) and can perform payment immediately (Bankgiro or Swish).

I want to order (OBS! Simplfill currently fits perfectly to IKEA FRAKTA bags and bags with the same dimensions):

1 Simplfill (299 sek incl. MOMS and freight)2 Simplfills (568 sek incl. 5% reduction, MOMS and freight)3 Simplfills (807 sek incl. 10% reduction, MOMS and freight)

For every Simplfill we sell, we donate 10 sek to 5Gyres ( a charity organization working to solve the worldwide problem of plastic in our oceans and seas.
Click here to read more about our Sustainability standpoint.

If you want to order more than 3 Simplfills, please contact us via the contact form on the site.


Note that we’ll prepare your Simplfill(s) for shipment as soon as your payment has reached us! Shipments leave our office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Ordering Information


Buy your Simplfill at one of our retailers:

Carl Nilsson, Älmhult

Dahrve Hästsport, Visby, Öland

Glada hästen i Spiltan, Västerås (also in their webshop!)

Hogsta Ridsport, Drottningholm (also in their webshop!)

Hästbutiken i Viken, Valdemarsvik

Kastebergs gårdsbutik, Ljungby

Smarthest, Tomter, Norway (also in their webshop!)

Stella Store, Örby (also in their webshop!)


Have Simplfill shipped to a collection point in your neighbourhood (Sweden only):

See below table for cost overview including MOMS and shipping within Sweden for 1 till 3 Simplfills. A discount of 5 % applies when ordering 2 at a time, even 10 % when ordering 3 Simplfills.

If you want to order more than 3 Simplfills at a time, contact us via the Simplfill order form.

Price overview Simplfill November 2019

Simpfill prices including MOMS and freight within Sweden.

Mind you!!!
– We prepare your Simplfill(s) for shipment once your payment has reached us!


Reduce Simplfill costs online?

To reduce Simplfill cost, we advice you to find friends and order Simplfill together. We have started a facebook page where you can try to find people in your neighbourhood and co-order.

Simplfill – dela på frakt inom Sverige

You have to arrange this yourself! We only provide the service of setting up and maintaining the Facebook page!

If you’re not happy with your Simplfill, please contact us within 14 days after you received Simplfill, so we can find the best way to solve the issue.